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This is a Who’s Who of all artists, authors ,researchers etc that have enriched the content of this  site either by their direct contribution or by their participation on any event concerning our program 

“Dance and Spirituality”

Dance Professor, Researcher, Dancer& Choreographer,(Indian Classical Dance Kathak, Folk Dances of Northern India, Bollywood Dance) singer, anchor, Theater Artiste, writer.
Teaching at Department of Dance, Faculty of Arts and Culture, Punjabi University

Master in Business Administration Marketing and Brand Management

Interested in Cultural diplomacy and Art Therapy

Greatly contributed in giving this site its actual form

 Searches the truth of the soul .. Ambassador of peace .. love and joy .. mystical dancer .. she interprets -by the spontaneous movement – sacred songs of different influences .. Christian .. sufi and shamanic .. carried by the grace and the light of her Berber Ancestors.

She has a multidisciplinary education in dance and theater. Choreographer, Teacher in SChool « Danse Plurielle » Founder and Director of Dance  Company EPHATA, based in Cherbourg, which  employs casual workers in show, and associates the young in its action: creations, spectacles, class and working groups with different artistic forms.

Dance teacher, Researcher, Historian. PHD in ” arts du spectacle ” , Professor of choreographic  culture and history of  danse in french Universities

Her range of exploration is very wide: music, song, dance (flamenco / contemporary / improvised), theater, yoga, tantra, philosophy, theology, therapy. She draws  her skills from it for the creation of shows, the animation of sound trips, conferences, internships, and spiritual retreats,
“Être acteur de sa propre création, dans la manifestation jubilatoire de la Présence, à travers un cheminement de dévoilement, déploiement, et rayonnement de l’être. “

“Be an actor of your own creation, in the jubilant manifestation of the Presence, through a journey of unveiling, deployment, and radiance of being”

Dancer, Oriental dance and contemporary oriental dance teacher, choreographer and director of the Compagnie Tellurgie. Actor and stage director. Art-therapist. Teacher of martial arts, karate and taekwondo.

Teacher of Baroque dance, tap, flamenco.

Teaches French history and International folklore to children

Dances on religious music. Dance style Loie Fuller.

Liturgical Dancer, Author , Co- Pastor of Creative Christian Arts Ministries International. President of CID Nassau Section



Historian and researcher in medieval dance. PhD in Art History, medieval dance iconography.

Author of various publications. Organizer of  trainings , spectacles and conferences.

Teacher, author,  dancer, musician, choreographer, film maker ,Indian dances, Bharata Natyam; dance tuition, courses, Director of   “Tala Sruti” School in Puducherry

“La danse sacrée permet d’unifier nos divers corps : physique, mental, émotionnel et spirituel”

“The sacred dance unites our various bodies: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual”


Artistic Director , Coach,  dancer,  choreographer, worked many years in sub-saharan Africa and received many distinctions

“l’enfant s’amuse, saute, danse et se jette dans tout ce que le mouvement lui inspire.

La grande danseuse après 10 ans d’efforts journaliers, exécute des pas et des figures extraordinaires par leur beauté et leur exécution parfaite.

La vraie danseuse après 10 ans et plus d’efforts journaliers, oublie sa technique (que son corps pourtant n’oublie pas) et s’amuse, saute, danse, et se jette dans tout ce que le mouvement lui inspire, tout comme l’enfant.”


“the child has fun, jumps, dances and throws himself into whatever movement inspires him.
The great dancer after 10 years of daily efforts, performs steps and figures extraordinary by their beauty and their perfect execution.
The real dancer after 10 years and more of daily efforts, forgets her technique (which her body does not forget) and has fun, jumps, dances, and throws herself into whatever movement inspires her, just like the ‘child.”

Maurice Béjart extrait de Lettres à un jeune danseur








Theologian, Evangelical Minister, Dance Teacher , Liturgical Dancer , Director in “Destinee Dance School”, Pioneer in Liturgical Dance

Dancer, Dance teacher and choreographer Director of  “ Body Double” contemporary dance company
As a choreographer, his work is  deeply inspired by pictorial arts and literature but what she’s especially keen on is the meeting between arts and philosophical reflections.

“My  idea is to make the audience think about an immediate access to art, that means without education, by using gestures and movements”

Choreographer, teacher, performer of Armenian folk dances. Director of
the Armenian dance ensemble “Nairi”, singer, teacher of hand technique,
fashion model, website designer. Curator of the Armenian Dance Pandect
website. President of the Vanadzor Armenia Section of CID.

Dance for me is sacred geometry in space,
establishment of equilibrium on all planes of existence,
gaining spiritual perfection,
awareness of who I am and where I came from,
approachment to the sacrament of the wonder”.

Teacher in primitive Expression, dance therapist, psychoanalyst, with rhythm and group, paedagogy, Teacher on Dance Therapy Master in the University of Paris 5 Rene Descartes). Author of several books on dance therapy. Director of the “Atelier du Geste Rythmé”

« La danse n’est pas que le corps. Elle est animée par l’Esprit que l’on peut appeler l’Élan Vital »

“Dance is not just the body. It is animated by the Spirit that we can call the “Elan Vital “(vital impetus)

PHD in Economics
Bachelor in Sociology of Rural Development, Retired Exceptional Class Certified Teacher.     Knight of the Academic Palms Paris 2019
Organizer, specialist of culture of Benin