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Incarnating the verb

Dancers , most of all artists, are always pushing the limits. The limits of their own body , to start with ….then they are crossing the frontiers of all arts , music and theatre of course , but also plastic arts , literature etc etc

This page presents examples of how artists are inspired by the “verb” (in poetry, prose , lyrics ….even philosophy) , extract its spiritual essence and how they try to incarnate it through  dance





Etrange Tableau


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The work of Marie Perruchet

Marie Perruchet CID Member  is  dancer, teacher and choreographer generally inspired by pictorial or literary themes,  particularly by   the encounter between arts and thinking .


Her piece “Nourritures”(food)  was inspired by André Gide’s “Nourritures Terrestres”(earthly food). The choreographic space was therefore a place of meditation in movement  concerning  desire and transcendence.

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Her new piece “Étrange Tableau”(strange painting) is inspired by a founding text of our way of perceiving the world “Plato’s Cave”

Through the danced gesture, the piece offers the public the opportunity to enter in  contact with art through an aesthetic and spiritual emotional path.

Etrange Tableau


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