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CID Members and Friends have sent and are always sending us samples of their artistic works ; many of them are related to spirituality .

Enjoy a collection which will be constantly enriched
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January 4th 2015 : The place chosen was the peristyle chapel, usually closed to the public which was exceptionally open for three weeks.
An enigmatic installation by Anne Poivilliers awaited the visitor there: long transparent and diaphanous filaments descending  from the vault of the chapel.

Valérie Miquel CID Member presented a choreography inspired by the installation of Anne Poivilliers and the strong spirituality of the chapel
Valerie wrote

“I was transported by the force of the place and my deep and powerful inspiration that I felt like I was flying away”

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December 2018 . During a visit to the monumental Kameeswarar temple in Villianur  near Puducherry where the devadasis lived and danced till the fifties , Dr Raghunath Manet CID Member danced spontanuously before the statue of Lord Shiva , body and soul offered in worship to the Great Lord of Dance

A short moment of intense emotion

On april 2019 in the Bahamas World Congress dedicated to “Dance and Spirituality ” Nathalie Guillemé  CID Member delighted us with her veil dances. Liturgical dancers recognised an art so different and so near to their spirituality

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Our gracious and mystic berber dancer Sahima Ben Mouhoub CID Member dances on an arabic hymn dedicated to virgin Mary and sung by the well known  libanese nun Soeur Marie Keyrouz

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Lone Rørly CID Member danced on Djalâl ad-Dîn Rûmî’s  poem “Story Water “ during the 54th World Congress of CID on July 2019.


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