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This is a List of all artists, authors, researchers etc who  have enriched the content of this  project either by their direct contribution or by their participation on any conference or event related to

“Dancing the Christian Hymns”
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I am grateful to them and particularly to Virginie, Claudine and Nathalie who are accompanying me from the very beginning

Her range of exploration is very wide: music, song, dance (flamenco / contemporary / improvised), theater, yoga, tantra, philosophy, theology, therapy. She draws  her skills from it for the creation of shows, the animation of sound trips, conferences, internships, and spiritual retreats,

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Teacher of Baroque dance, tap, flamenco. Teaches French history and International folklore to children

Dances on religious music. Dance style Loie Fuller.

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Theologian, Evangelical Minister, Dance Teacher , Liturgical Dancer , Director in “Destinee Dance School”, Pioneer in Liturgical Dance

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Sabine Jamet-Tchalaev is artist and choreographer, after having developed choreographic research work for 15 years in urban environments in France and internationally, today questions the place of the body in our Christian spirituality.


Sylvie Lagache is a holistic therapist and dance therapist.

She holds a master’s degree in art therapy from Paris-Descartes University (2011-2013), a master’s degree in theology; she is  an accredited member of the French Federation of Art Therapists (FFAT)

She works in several institutions in Paris and is a practitioner in energy therapies.
She meditates on the place of the body in Christian theology

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 Searches the truth of the soul .. Ambassador of peace .. love and joy .. mystical dancer .. she interprets -by the spontaneous movement – sacred songs of different influences .. Christian .. sufi and shamanic .. carried by the grace and the light of her Berber Ancestors. Spiritual heir of the expression of the Berber Christian faith, as was St Augustine, Father of the Church.

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Dancer, international choreographer, dance-therapist and author of the book “La Danse de l’Être, dans la lumière d’Isadora Duncan”. She is also trained in various traditions that link the body with the spirit (Tai-chi, Nô theater, Shinto and Butô dances, and indian sacred dances. 


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Historian and researcher in medieval dance. PhD in Art History, medieval dance iconography.

Author of various publications. Organizer of  trainings, spectacles and conferences.

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She is passionate about: classical dance, music, painting, and literature! Dancer, choreographer, model and then painter, she is the creator and teacher of a classical dance method accessible to all. Founder of the “Infantes de Noverre” association, which promotes a dance method adapted to valid-, fragile and disabled people.

She studied theology and is interested in ancient Greek dances.
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