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CID Members and Friends have sent and are always sending us samples of their artistic works; many of them are related to spirituality.

Enjoy a collection that will be constantly enriched.

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Poems of Atoms Rumi M.H Project

“Salar Aghili” and M.H Project
 The Prince Who Contemplated  His Soul -Armand Armand) O’ day, arise! shine your light , the atoms are dancing Thanks to Him the universe is dancing, overcome with ecstasy , free from body and mind I’ll whisper in your ear where their dance is leading them. All the atoms in the air and in the desert are dancing , puzzled and drunken to the ray of light, they seem insane. All these atoms are not so different than we are, happy or miserable, perplexed and bewildered We are all beings in the ray of LIGHT from The Beloved, nothing can be said.



Basilique de Vézelay Duo Victor Parente et Marion Pollet




Whirling Dance

Hymm Melodies & Farima Berenji

A master in Persian and Sufi dance, Farima specializes in instruction and performance of ancient, sacred, classical, and folkloric dances of Persia and Central Asia. She is honored to be the first Iranian woman to direct a Persian dance company to perform during a reception for President Obama. Farima is founder and artistic director of the Simorgh Dance Collective, a member of the International Dance Council (CID-UNESCO), National Folk Organization, and the first woman TEDx lecturer and performer in the field of dance.



Dance the World with Téhima

Le Milieu à Paris-Nation is a space for the practice of yoga and Tehima, a place for creations, exchanges and encounters around poetry in all its forms. Find us on our website:



Shine no matter how strong is the darkness

Dancers: Destinée Dance School

Aurélia Montauban, Sandrine Belay, Nathanaël Lecoeur, Yoann Ngou, Frédérique Zinga, Sorella Tschoula, Esperancia Pierre Darde, Ruth Cadet, Stéphanie, Lejeune, Jenny Avelino.

Production Eglise ICC as part of the Mega Impact Conference

Outfits: Destiny Creation



Now Lord breathe on my country by Dena Mwana and Dan Luiten

This time of Pentecost 2020 sounds very special. In these troubled times, it finally takes its rightful place, and we realize the full measure of this divine appointment: An appointment of grace and transformative power that can only be unleashed through our determined thirst to cry out to God for more of Him, more of His Spirit.



Dancing the Psalms and Peace in Jerusalem

original idea and dance: Capucine Lonjon

Choreographic concept and staging: Sabine Jamet

Images and sounds: Charles Costantine, Lebanese

Text read by Pedro Aoun, Lebanese



The Virgin Star

The virgin star prayers: The star of the sound of hope (Triana Crowned) the virgin star, finishing her greeting to the sounds of the Hope. 



Canocical Coronation The Star of Triana


Spain is one of the few lands which has maintained a consistent tradition of christian religious dance from antiquity to the present day . An aspect of this Spanish tradition is represented by “los seises” the young choirboys who have danced in Seville and Toledo at least since the fifteen century and perhaps even earlier


In this documentary The Seises (six) of Seville Cathedral pay homage to the Queen of Heaven and Earth, dancing and singing in front of the Altar  of the Holy Mary of the Crowned Star. This beautiful honor of the dance of the Six before a Dolorosa in her Coronation, has only been granted to two  fraternities :
– Fraternity of the basilica Esperanza Macarena of Sevilla
– Fraternity Estrella de Triana.(Triana is a district of Sevilla)



Dance and Plastic Arts in the venerable St Sulpice Church in Paris.

January 4th 2015. The place chosen was the peristyle chapel, usually closed to the public, it was exceptionally open for three weeks.
An enigmatic installation by Anne Poivilliers awaited the visitors there: long transparent and diaphanous filaments descending from the vault of the chapel.
Valérie Miquel, a CID member, presented a choreography inspired by the installation of Anne Poivilliers and the strong spirituality of the chapel.
Valerie wrote: 

“I was transported by the force of the place and my deep and powerful inspiration that I felt like I was flying away.”

Read about the installati



A great Shivaïst worships the Lord of the Dance.

December 2018. During a visit to the monumental Kameeswarar temple in Villianur near Puducherry where the devadasis lived and danced till the fifties.

Dr Raghunath Manet, a CID member, danced spontaneously before the statue of Lord Shiva, his body and soul offered in worship to the Great Lord of Dance. 

And thus created a short moment of intense emotion.



Three Ave Maria on a Loie Fuller style.

April 2019. In the Bahamas World Congress dedicated to “Dance and Spirituality ” Nathalie Guillemé, a CID Member delighted us with her veil dances. Liturgical dancers recognized an art different and close to their spirituality.



When Maghreb (Occidental Arabia) pays hommage to Mashreq (Oriental Arabia).

Our gracious and mystic berber dancer Sahima Ben Mouhoub, a CID Member, dances on an arabic hymn dedicated to virgin Mary and sung by the well known lebanese nun Soeur Marie Keyrouz.



“DANCE, and your veils which hide the light shall swirl in a heap at your feet.” RUMI

July 2019. Lone Rørly, a CID Member danced on Djalâl ad-Dîn Rûmî’s poem “Story Water” during the 54th World Congress of CID.



Dance in honor and imitation of SAKPATA, the vodun divinity of earth.

Divinity symbolizing the Earth, the nourishing mother but carrier of smallpox and the endemic diseases that it helps to cure. Its followers express the ACROBATIC EXPLOITATION of divinity as the thrust of disease.
For those who recognize it as such, Sakpata is a source of fertility because it represents nourishing earth. It is also the symbol of death since we are dust and our body returns to the earth.

Body expression: this dance is noticeable by the acrobatic and a little aggressive movements by turning and turning while twisting and twisting. The whole body is in very rhythmic movement on the cadences of tam-tams which creates the egregore in the community. Some dancers walk on their crouch, perform aerobatic movements.

Direction of steps in time and space: veneration of the earth (by having bare feet). In this orientation, the deity chooses a follower among the group to convey his message.

Learn more (in french)




The approach to the dervish turns symbolizes the strength of women between the divine and the earth.


The approach is based on foundations that aim to rehabilitate the description of the piece by an interpretation of the movement danced on the traditional dress: “La Mlehfa“.
(This famous 8m fabric is a folk costume that can be worn for commemorations, family celebrations or shows).


The approach to the dervish turns in the work DHIYATES is a reflection that symbolizes the strength of women between the divine and the earth. The movements of the turns of the dancers dressed in skirts and tops of

the MLEHFA, sewn with fibulae, reveal a power of the soul connected to the divine until flooding a presence on stage of the body and the spirit like a light on the earth, source of life to which we could not exist



Nuns at an enclosed monastery in Dublin perform a spirited viral dance.


This dance was purposely done as a prayer.
The nuns hope their dance will “cheer people up” in lockdown.

See    February 26 2021

credit: Classic FM  Redemptorist Communicator



Three female shamans make shamanistic rituals and perform dances till the last strength.


Solar legend is the first major ballet work reflecting shamanist dances on basis of legend of Alangua mother from Chinggis Khan ancestors. 
This creature was choreographed by a famous Mongolian choreographer Sukhbaatar S. in 1988 under the music of a famous composer Luvsansharav D. 

 In this creature, soldiers from Death Army appeared to steal the Sun when Alangua mother fainted.  Shamans perform and make rituals in order to restore Alangua mother. Dance motions express the rituals to beg the sky to save her and female shamans relieve the spells of the sky by making different abraxas and remedies.

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 Duende: from Flamenco to the Sacred Dance in a circle by  Giovanna Donnagemma



These two disciplines, with a different appearance, indeed present those two emotions: Life and Renewal.

Giovanna identified opposites, that are complementary: strength and lightness, darkness and light, presence and absence, woman and man.

And then all the feelings specific to human life: pain, anger, abandonment, joy, and sharing.

 Duende is life, the Dance of the Sacred must therefore honor life in all its aspects.




 The pre-christian Sun Worship Symbolism


The Sun worship symbolism in the dance is expressed by the manner of the dancers holding each other’s hands and the time the dance was performed. Mainly it was performed outdoors, facing the Sunrise. The dancers used to stand on high mountains and as soon as the Sun rose, they’d raise their hands and start the dance. They’d raise their hands above the shoulders, which was a manner of glorifying the Sun.

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Wirlwind   (afro-contemporary 2018 )


  • Kotolo-Boitou, the call of nature and the dance of the pirogue,
  • Nsaka, joyful dialogues and games, with the sounds of Lokolés, flutes and  bells,
  • Nzobi quick and festive, dance of protection

by  Compagnie NGOMA ZA KONGO                                                      Credit: Institut Français, Brazza          




Reach Heaven : Dance in Loie Fuller style by Nathalie Guillemé


A unique evening of organ improvisation lasting 12 hours non-stop, with 60 organists taking turns from October 23rd to 24th in the church of Saint-Eustache in Paris.

Here are video excerpts from Odile Jutten’s performance, accompanied by my dance improvisation “Loïe Fuller”. Thanks to Odile Jutten for her initiative and to Thomas Ospital for his authorization during the evening.



Ya Nla or the primordial mother structures social and community life



The Guè Lè Dè participates in the search for the vital balance of the community but also the balance between all living beings or creatures of God.
Mask dancing is the artistic, philosophical and cultural expression highlighting women in society.
A HON YA MI or tribute paid to our mothers, that was recognized by the UNESCO as an intangible heritage on May 18, 2001.
Women’s society jealously guard the secret of masks while the men wear the masks and we do not discover them.



by Catherine Alain ‘s Company “InspireAndDanceYourLife” 



I am Catherine Allain, I live in Finistère Brittany France

I am a musician, pianist and singer

I love stories, tales, mythologies, astrology, the world of symbols and CG Jung

I am a therapist, kinesiologist, and tarologist

I met Geneviève Khemtémourian 20 years ago. I have deep gratitude for Geneviève who has initiated and taught me on this path. Sacred dances have transformed my life. Since 2005 I have created my company “InspireAndDanceYourLife” and I choreograph my own dances through 4 axes of creation.

The 4 qualities that I honor in dance, in addition to the sacredness:

  • Instinctive evidence (the right step and gesture)
  • Beauty (music, dances),
  • Energy (increase in vibratory level)
  • Healing (reconciliation with oneself and others)



Sacred Folklore Dance of Mysuru India in honor to the goddess of strength („shakti“)



The “pooje” is a square-shaped bamboo frame with an idol of the goddess embedded in the center/ 

  • The “poojari” (male priest) perfoms this art during religious festivals and/or at the request of a fellow devotee/patron.
  • It is taught verbally from one generation to the next.
  • Grace, rhythm and balance are key prerequisites for a good delivery.
  • It is a solo art form. 



Fifty year Anniversary of Dances of Universal Peace june 2018


Global Celebration of the 50 years of the Dances of Universal Peace. 144 circles worldwide danced and sang the same sacred mantra from the Sufi tradition.

They have sung in particular :

Lâ ʾilâha ʾillâ -llâh, Muḥammadan rasûlu-llâh (There is no divinity other than God and Mohammed is His prophet)

To know more about this practice go to:



Choreography on a Medieval Armenian Sacred Music.



ANAHIT SARIBEKYAN and the Armenian group NAIRI.




Charanya Gurusathya is portaying PUSHPAM


Shravan or Avani Maas, the fourth month in Hindu calendar marks celebration of many festivals like Nag Panchami, Teej, Varamahalakshmi, Onam, Raksha Bandhan, Janmashtami, Gowri Pujan, Ganesh Chaturthi.


Flowers are a significant aspect of every celebration.  They add colour, life and beauty to the festivities.


Mantra pushpam is a Vedic hymn that is sung at the time of offering of the flowers to the Hindu deities at the very end of the Pujas. The mantra is considered to be the flower of Vedic chants.





Excerpt from “Demeter, The awakening of the earth” by Fabienne Courmont


Excerpt of videos regarding the connection with the ancient greek mythology represented through the performance “Demeter, the awakening of the Earth” and the connection with the Nature and the  spirit of each element through danced rituals at the sacred mountain of Bugarach in France



A documentary of1967 by INA  (French Archives)

DANSEURS DE L’ÂME. “La danse comme moyen d’atteindre l’extase et de communiquer avec Dieu et le Prophète.” 1967, découverte des derviches tourneurs, adeptes de la confrérie des Mevlevi, ordre de soufis qui se livrent à une danse et une cérémonie musicale pour s’élever spirituellement.



Choreography by Claudine Gerez on Mozart’s Requiem


This choreography is part of the event “Gone with the Spirit” presented in the Autun Cathedral on november 19th 2022



Marie Perruchet s choreography  inspired by Plato’s cave


Marie Perruchet’s  piece “Étrange Tableau”(strange painting) is inspired by a founding text of our way of perceiving the world “Plato’s Cave”.

Through the danced gesture, the piece offers the public the opportunity to enter in  contact with art through an aesthetic and spiritual emotional path.



Dance of the elements or the birds’ voyage
by Assia Guemra



« Je surgis de mille fleuves pour fertiliser la terre du désert, les voiles ne sont que l’annonce de mes naissances successives sur les cinq continents qu’entoure la mer et qu’abrite le ciel.
Je suis née nomade – moi, DANSE – la plus haute. Coupole du monde, je nourris le feu des volcans,
la fracture des océans, et toutes les Tellurgies.
Ma danse est appel à l’enfantement perpétuel de l’Amour, de la joie et de la beauté. Je me marie à l’eau, me mélange à la voix, m’offre à ce qui Est et dessine avec mon corps l’espérance d’amour recommencée.
Portée par les eaux : l’Euphrate, l’Indus, le Nil… mes premiers berceaux, née orpheline, je décline mes racines dans l’arc des couleurs, blanche, noire, ou… Je retourne à l’eau et me marie au feu. De mon ventre naît le ciel et les ponts de la joie. Suspendue aux étoiles, je trace ma voie lactée. Les galaxies éclatent à l’aube de la voix du levant. Le souffle est d’or, il parcourt les cavernes de la mémoire. Je surgis alors, ventre multiple et millénaire sans masque, sans voile ».

Assia Guemra / 1990