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october 13-15

Incandescent Festival

l’Incandescent Festival se déroulera du 13 au 15 octobre, avec une riche programmation de spectacles, exposition et partages, et un stage Gospel sur 2 jours. Bien qu’encore en cours de construction, le site est déjà consultable en ligne, venez le visiter !


november 19th

Hildegarde of Bingen
messager of the invisible

The show “Hildegarde de Bingen, messenger of the Invisible”, created and performed by Claudine Gérez, alongside the musician Vincent Lauth, puts this woman on stage, at the moment when her life changes from anonymity to fame. Singing, music and dance accompany the play in monologue, allowing us to approach this extraordinary personality, as well as his message.

The event was part of the festival of beauty 2022 at Autun France

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november 19th

Gone with the Spirit

A dance performance on Christian hymns from various backgrounds, and covering a wide period of Christian history, from the first traces of ancient chanting to the present day.

It was designed by dancers from the “Dance and Spirituality” program of the CID

It brought together around sixty participants, including around twenty professionals: dancers, musicians, singers, masters of the cathedral.


The event was of capital importance for our program “Dance and Spirituality” as it solemnly inaugurated a series of future creations based on Christian hymnology and sacred music

Read Article “A miracle at Autun Festival”  (in french)
The event was part of the festival of beauty 2022 at Autun France
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PERIOD 2020 -2021


The  pandemic has prevented and desorganised the planning of events 

However  here are some events held during that period

The program consists of four axes concerning African culture
The Axe 4 is entitled “Dances and Spiritualities” .It concerns
– The spiritual dimensions of cultural dances

– Psychosomatic approaches  and dance therapy

– Poetic  spirituality of the dancing body


We hope this first event on sub-Saharan culture and spirituality will be followed by others held on African land


Read the abstracts of the four axes

july  24 to 25

“Festival des Danses Sacrées”
           in Audrix France

A pilot edition of a festival which aims to present the world’s cultural diversity through sacred dances . You will enjoy six presentations of two hours each :

Medieval Dances  ……   Indian Dances   ……  Authentic Movements

Sacred Dances through history …… Persian Dances ……. Circular Dances

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july 22

An online event   inspired by major spiritualities

Natyashala School of Bharatanatyam, India is presenting a short production, inspired by major spiritualities Hinduism, Sufism, Taoism, Christianity and Buddhism with a common goal to attain the Supreme Consciousness

Along with watching this interesting concept, you will have the occasion to interact and exchange thoughts and ideas with the Director and the Student- Dancers who are of Hindu , Christian and Muslim culture, open to spirituality in an “ecumenical” way through dance!

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Samedi 13 mars 2021 de 15h30 à 17h30

Chez Nathalie Philp

175 chemin de la Fontaine de Fabrègues – La Chesnaie


juin 28th